How to select wedding stationery


stationery Wedding stationery is a broad term that refers to all of the paper materials you will be purchasing in preparation for your wedding. Common types of wedding stationery include wedding save-the-date cards, wedding announcements, wedding invitations, wedding RSVP cards, and wedding thank you cards... [read more]

Purchase wedding accessories


accessories What makes a wedding successful is good organization, as well as a ready stock of all of the tangible essentials you will need for your wedding. In addition to the big things, like church reservations, reception reservations, a priest or a pastor, and the bridal gown for her and a suit for him, there are the wedding accessories. Again, wedding accessories are the leftover essentials that are definitely required in order to have a successful wedding ... [read more]

Free wedding catalog


catalog Wedding catalogs are sales and promotional books that are printed up by a variety of manufacturers, retailers and designers all around the world. Depending upon where you are looking, wedding catalogs may be available in printed form for you to take home with you and look at whenever you have the leisure to, or they may be strictly associated with whatever store you happen to be in. In other cases, wedding catalogs may be available in digital format, either in graphic, flash, .PDF or PowerPoint form ... [read more]

Wedding guest book


guest book As most married couples can tell you, the wedding guest book is one of their most prized mementos from the day they got married. This is because most guests take the time to write a celebratory and congratulatory note along with their signature, so the book is ultimately more than just an over-sized sign-in page; it's a collection of praise, congratulations, thoughts and words of wisdom that are designed specifically for the newly married couple ... [read more]

Modern Wedding Invitations


modern What makes modern wedding invitations so special? Well, their contemporary color schemes and unique designs certainly help them to stand apart in the crowd. In many cases their features are such a unique and exotic blend that you can't help but to want to use contemporary wedding invitations! ... [read more]